The Bungled Jungle

WILD Flowers, Exotic Animals and truly stranger other things!!!

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Our gallery is closed until early April, but our work is available in Salida at Maverick Potter and Paulette Brodeur's gallery. Or you can see us in person:

Arizona Renaissance Fair
Saturdays and Sundays and Presidents Day
February 10 - April 1 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Gold Canyon, Arizona

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About the Bungled Jungle

Bunglers at workWHAT IS THIS???

The Bungled Jungle is the collaborative effort of two silly people, Pat and Suzanne

Each sculpture is an original creation--no molds are used -- everything is one of a kind. 

The process starts with a metal/wood or plastic armature that is then built up with layers of rubber, plastic, metal, plaster and clay...each piece will have approximately 13 separate materials interlayered

It takes between 2 weeks to a month or more of daily dabbling to complete each sculpture--depending on its size and complexity. 

Not only are these monsters/beasts and varmints lovely to look at, they also come with COMPLETE DENTAL COVERAGE.... AND can be used as personal flotation devices in case of flooding.