The Bungled Jungle

WILD Flowers, Exotic Animals and truly stranger other things!!!

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Our gallery is closed until early April, but our work is available in Salida at Maverick Potter and Paulette Brodeur's gallery. Or you can see us in person:

Arizona Renaissance Fair
Saturdays and Sundays and Presidents Day
February 10 - April 1 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Gold Canyon, Arizona

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Bungled Jungle Steampunk Machines

From the basement of the Bungled Jungle laboratories....proudly introducing Steam Punk Magic!

These are a sampling of breakthroughs in alternative technology, designed to accomplish what mainstream science could not.

Shipping prices will be high on these machines, as they are elaborate and delicate. Email for shipping price.

approx. 2 feet tall
Mystery-Object approx. 3 feet tall $800
Mystery Object
approx. 3 feet tall

Thought Scale
approx. 2 feet tall

The Illuminator
approx. 1.5 feet tall

approx. 2.5 feet tall

approx. 3 feet tall

approx. 3 feet tall