The Bungled Jungle

WILD Flowers, Exotic Animals and truly stranger other things!!!

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Bungled Jungle Swag!

The Books and T-shirts will be for SALE starting May 21.
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The Bungled Jungle Book

Bungled Jungle BookThe Bungle Book is about 18 pages, softbound.

"Naters is an artist who grew up in Salida, a small town tucked away in the mountains of Colorado, where he imagined fanciful worlds and drew characters to inhabit them.

Naters wrote and illustrated this book about the Bungled Jungle in response to all the inspiration he found there."

$12 - Available Now!

Bungled Jungle Book and Shirt

The Bungled Jungle T-Shirt

Bungled Jungle Book and Shirt

T-Shirts with be availalbe in April 2016!